Last night, Crosstrainers was a night of transition. It was 6th grade preview night which brought a whole new level on energy to an already excitable group. It was also my first night to officially preach as the new youth pastor. An exciting night for sure!

My goal is to keep these “Reflections” short. I am not going to layout the entire message. My purpose is to point out the key elements and then have a few application questions that will encourage discussion at home and also continue some meditation on what was shared.

Last night we reflected on the testimony of Paul found in Philippians 3:12-16 and how it related to our purpose with EWO youth. I pointed out 3 things that Paul showed us in these few verses.

  • Paul had a goal
    • Paul desired to draw closer to God as well as to share and show Christ to others
  • Paul pursued that goal
    • Using the example of a runner, Paul had a focus on the goal shutting out the distractions
  • Paul gave us an appeal
    • Paul encourages us to reflect on our progress in our relationship with the Lord

This aligned so well with the purpose of EWO youth:

  • Know Christ
  • Grow in Christ
  • Show Christ to the World
  • Be a Committed Follower of Christ that Leads

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is distracting me in my relationship towards God?
  2. How can I make Christ known to those around me?
  3. Who can help me in these areas?

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