On Sunday I continued our study of Ecclesiastes. Below is a quick look at what we discussed.

Text: Ecclesiastes 5:13-17

One of the best characters that envelopes the individual described in these verses is Ebenezer Scrooge. This character from “A Christmas Carol” portrays an individual who cared more for his wealth than his family, coworkers, or people who were effected by his pursuit of more. We do not want to live the life of Scrooge. Instead, leave a legacy of generosity behind. Choose a job and lifestyle so that God is glorified, not so you can accumulate possessions that are temporary.

What will the life of Scrooge provide?

  1. The life of Scrooge will leave you hurting (13)
  2. The life of Scrooge will hurt those closest to you (14)
  3. The life of Scrooge will leave you with emptiness (15-17)


  • Am I more concerned about my educational pursuits than I am of showing Christ to those around me?
  • Have I become swallowed up by “the pride of life” in my pursuit of money?
  • What can I do to love God and serve others with my wealth, whether it be little or much?

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