After several weeks of various activity, we were finally back on track with our “Jesus Knows” series at Crosstrainers.

It amazes me to see Jesus in the events surrounding the crucifixion, how He humbly submitted to the Father’s will on our behalf. What an amazing Savior He is, what amazing love He has toward us!

Text: Matthew 27:15-23

“Just like the criminal Barabbas was released instead of Jesus, we can be forgiven of our sin because the Son of God took our place.”

Have you thought about all that occurred from the arrest of Jesus up to the point Barabbas was released. In a 9 hour period:

  • Annas questions Jesus
  • Peter denies Christ (3x)
  • Jesus before the Sanhedrin
    • Jesus appears before Caiaphas
    • Jesus is mocked and beaten
    • The Sanhedrin condemn Jesus
  • Judas commits suicide
  • Pilate and Herod question Jesus
    • Pilate questions Jesus the first time
    • Jesus appears before Herod Antipas
    • Pilate answers the religious leaders a second time
    • Jesus is flogged
  • The crowd calls for crucifixion
  • Pilate questions Jesus again
  • Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified

Jesus went from being a free man to being convicted and heading to the cross. I can’t imagine that! But this is another way Jesus humbled Himself to take our place.

You and I deserved the spit, the mockery, the beatings, and the trial. We are the guilty ones. We are the rebels. Our sin has separated us from God. But the message in all of this is because of love. He did it for us. He became sin for us.


  • Are you a child of God? Have you put your faith in Him alone?
  • Christians: Who do you consider a friend that needs to know Jesus. Who do you know that may think they are too far gone; have you shared with them the love of Jesus in the Gospel?

Praying for you all,
Pastor Josh

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