Advent: Week 4

The Response for our Savior  

Scripture Reading

Isaiah 7:10-14

Psalm 24

Romans 1:1-7

Think of when you have been in charge of caring for someone?
What did you enjoy about watching over that person?
What made it difficult to care for that person?

Devotional Thought

Our promised Savior has come and it is by His grace that we are able to see Him for who He is and live a life that reflects Him well!

The love of God is seen through the coming of Jesus Christ. In Genesis 3 we saw sin enter the world and the promise was made that sin would be crushed. Jesus Christ was the sacrificial lamb who would crush the serpent’s head and defeat sin for good. What an amazing thing to know sin can be forgiven and a relationship can be had with God.

Jesus left to be seated with His Father but He is alive and will once again return to collect His followers. For now, it is for those of us who are followers of Christ, the church, to show and share the Gospel so that others may experience in our hope, joy, and excitement. He is coming again to finalize His war over sin. Sin and Satan have no power because of a God who keeps His promises!


Think about the life of Christ and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross on our behalf. What makes this so important to mankind? If you don’t know the answer to this, ask a pastor, friend, or family member that has a relationship with Jesus to share about salvation found through Jesus.

Do you find it difficult to live out your faith? Why or why not?

What about this Advent season has helped encourage boldness in your faith?

Respond in Action

Who is someone that needs a last minute word of encouragement, gift, or hug in order for you to show them that you care for them? Does this person need to hear about the Savior who loves them more then we ever could?

Pray that the reflection from this Advent season will push you further in your walk with God. Pray that this coming year will be the best spiritual year you have ever had!

Songs of the Advent (Click HERE to listen)

Joy to the World

O Come All Ye Faithful

Go! Tell it on the Mountain

We Three Kings


As a family, couple, small group, or individual spend time thinking through and writing down all the reasons to be thankful for those God has placed in your life that help point you to Jesus.

Advent: Week 3

The Arrival of a Savior  

Scripture Reading

Isaiah 35

Psalm 146:5-10

Matthew 11:2-11

Think of your hero.
What about that person makes them your hero?
In our society, who are the heroes?

Devotional Thought

Have you ever taken the time to imagine a world without the hope of Christ? We obviously see a world that is marked by people who have attempted to live their lives ignoring God and trying to get others to ignore God also. Many involved in science, technology, politics, businesses, schools, families etc. have all tried to ignore the fact that God is.

John the Baptist was so excited about the coming of Christ. His life and eventual death were all about his love for His Savior. Jesus was more then just a good prophet. He was and is worth living and dying for because He is the only hope we have. Without Christ we would be lost and without hope in finding salvation.

But this Advent season we celebrate the coming of a Savior who loves mankind. He comes in the form of mankind and shares life among them. Only to be led to the cross by them to ultimately pay the price for their sin. How amazing God is to fulfill His promise of salvation through the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is worth it!


Read Luke 2:8-20. Why do you think God chose to tell this group of shepherds about the arrival of Jesus? What about this experience made them glorify and praise God as they returned from seeing Jesus?

What have you ever been excited for? What made the event last in excitement?

What about the celebration of Christ’s birth is exciting to you? Have you ever shared that with anyone? Why or why not?

Respond in Action

What is a way you can show others your excitement about Jesus? Encourage your friends and family that love Jesus to share with others their excitement for what this Advent season is all about.

Pray that God will give you opportunity to show your excitement of the real meaning of Christmas in the coming weeks.

Songs of the Advent (Click HERE to listen)

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

While Shepherds Kept Watch

Come Ye Lofty


As a family, couple, small group, or individual pick a few Christmas songs that you can sing together and visit a friend, neighbor, or family member who needs to be encouraged about what truly is exciting about this time of year.