The Promise of a Savior

Scripture Reading

Isaiah 2:2-5

Psalm 122

Romans 13:11-14

Think of a time when you were promised something special.
How did you feel in expectation of the fulfillment of that promise?
What was it like when you got to finally enjoy that promise?

Devotional Thought

Christmas is a wonderful time of celebration. The focus is on the nativity scene. But the promise of this was first hinted at back in Genesis.

Adam and Eve had committed the first of many sins that this world would see unfold and their relationship with God would not be the same. But there is a glimpse of hope found in Genesis 3:15 when God said that there would be one who would be born of a woman and defeat Satan and save mankind from their sin.

Despite the attempts of Satan, sin would not be what defined mankind. From that moment on God began to unfold and foreshadow the coming of a Savior who would be the final sacrifice necessary to save the world from their sins.

God makes a promise to save the world from sin, the greatest disease known to mankind. As followers of Christ it is our joy to be able to live a life reflecting Christ well and living with an intensity that is only possible because we have a God who made a great promise in the beginning and who fulfilled it through Christ. We have a God who keeps His promises!


Think about how long it was from the promise in Genesis to when Christ finally came. Do you think there were times when followers of God were discouraged? What kept them excited about the fulfillment of that promise?

How good are you at waiting?

What about God helps you cling to His promises?

Respond in Action

What is something you hope happens for you, your family, or your community this Advent season? How can you play a role in making this happen?

Pray that this Advent season will help you see God and His love for you in a new and fresh way.

Songs of the Advent (Click HERE to listen)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Come Though Long-Expected Jesus


As a family, couple, small group, or individual create an Advent wreath or Advent calendar to help you reflect on what this time of year is really about, the God who keeps His promises.

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