One of the things my wife, Marcie, and I have been doing since the arrival of our first son was to begin some Advent traditions.

Something Marcie did was take a string and attach snowflake cards with something special written on it to do each day leading up to Christmas. It would be from anything such as going out for a donut and chocolate milk with Daddy, baking cookies for a neighbor, to buying a small gift to donate. It was a variety of things that were both giving and receiving.

The Christ focus came as we reflected on why we get to do these special things. It is so important to be excited about the preparation for the celebration of the coming Christ child. And this is one way we have been able to create a set of events to give a platform to talk about Christ with our kids.

It is so fun to do Christmasy things, but make sure the Christ connection is always there!

Here is a similar activity that you might be able to use for your family!

Click HERE for a fun family activity!

Praying for a meaningful Advent season this year!

Pastor Josh

Looking for more? Check out my Advent: Week 1 post!

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