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The past three days have challenged me beyond what I could have expected. It is easy in our livestream age to overlook the importance of gathering physically to do a conference like this. Full honesty, the livestream option is much cheaper! But, I believe you will miss out on what something like T4G and others offer when you are physically present. Here are just a few things being physically present at T4G did for me:

  • There is nothing like worshipping with 10,000 other people
  • Being physically present in the room helped me engage more in the preaching
  • Free books
  • I met up with many friends from school and previous ministries
  • There were many opportunities to make new friendships
  • The bookstore offered fantastic resources at a great price point
  • Free Books!
  • Praying and talking with friends who are walking through difficult times
  • Bonding with my pastoral staff…“Larry!” *yelled with a Boston accent
  • Connecting with, learning from, and networking with other bloggers
  • Oh, and FREE BOOKS!

While there was a large investment to attend the T4G conference, it was well worth it. I am still processing the things I was challenged with. It was an energizing few days that encouraged my soul. The Word of God has a freshness to it right now and I look forward to applying the truth I heard to my personal study.

You have 2 years to get ready for the next one. See you at T4G 2018!

Lord Jesus, thank you!