Checked in and Ready to Fly!

We have made it to O’Hare with no problems! Thanks to my dad who took the time to drive us! Thanks!

We have made our final calls to family and the boarding process will begin shortly. Thank you for all the texts and phone calls this morning! So many woke up early to encourage us and we are so thankful!

Next stop, Ethiopia! I’ll send another update as soon as we can!

Adventuring for Him,

Josh and Marcie

Packed and Ready to Go!

We are enjoying our last night with the boys. In just a few hours we will be waking up and heading to Chicago to catch our flight to Madagascar! Thank you for all the support and prayers!

Josh and Marcie!

Yes, Marcie packed all her clothes for 3 weeks in a 20L dry bag! Love to see her being so adventurous!