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Below are links to some great resources that I think would be a great benefit to you. There are a variety of topics that will be covered. So, sit back with your hot cup of coffee, or whatever your morning drink of choice might be, and enjoy!

Debunking Grief’s Myths: 4 Lies You Need to Stop Using

“Whether we’re offering flimsy hope to a friend or to ourselves, the myths we tell ourselves about grief don’t serve us well. Consider these four myths you may need to debunk to offer grief the space it needs to exist and foster true hope.”

Kakimori Pigment Inks Review

If you know me, then you know I love writing with fountain pens. I have a growing collection of pens and inks alike. This ink is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Christmas is just around the corner!

10 Years of God’s Blessings in Scotland

20schemes is the joint ministry of two local churches, Niddrie Community Church in Edinburgh, Scotland, & Redeemer Fellowship Church, Bardstown, USA. It is often mistaken as a para-church organization when, in reality, it is the church planting and revitalization ministry of both churches.

My System for Remembering and Re-Encountering What I Read

I love learning all I can about productivity. One area that can seem overwhelming is keeping track of what I have read and more importantly, recalling the important notes and highlights I made along the way. Years ago I started using this method to help me. Tim Challies does a great job explaining this helpful method!

Grace To You

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