Ponder This: November 5, 2022

Ponder This

Below are links to some great resources that I think would be a great benefit to you. There are a variety of topics that will be covered. So, sit back with your hot cup of coffee, or whatever your morning drink of choice might be, and enjoy!

3 Questions to Ask When Anxiety Strikes

While the things that feed our anxiety can be complex, this article gives us 3 questions to consider to help focus our mind.


5 Things You Should Know about Justification

“The doctrine of justification helps us glorify the triune God who Himself does all that is necessary to make us righteous before Him. May our reflection on the precious doctrine of justification always help us to praise and glorify God our Savior.”


Explaining The Trinity To Your Kids

“Have you ever felt stuck trying to explain the trinity to your kids? In this episode, pastor Chris Hilken shares the theology of the trinity, and practical ways to explain it to your children.”

Listen Here: https://castro.fm/episode/PH8uQm

Don’t Lead Your Wife; Serve Her

“Husbands your job is to think, “How can I serve her? How can I serve our family best in this particular season that we are in, knowing who we are, knowing what it would look like for me to be focused on blessing her rather than focused on how am I doing as a leader?” That is serving her, that is leading her.”

Listen or Read Here: https://www.ccef.org/podcast/dont-lead-your-wife-serve-her/

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What is Your Authority?

This past month I had the wonderful privilege to walk through and teach on the Doctrine of Scripture. This was a great time of learning and worship. At times the study felt very information heavy and I’m sure the teens could feel that weight at times also. However, the basis for the study is still resonating in my mind, “What is your authority?”

What is Your Authority?

The Bible is unlike any other written document:

  • the Bible documents have withstood the most scrutinizing analysis ever imposed upon any manuscript and have emerged with compelling authenticity and authority.
  • No other ancient literature demonstrates such a high degree of accuracy
  • The power of the Bible is evident… remember the Word of God is alive, it is not just Words on a paper…it impacts life, like nothing else…through the Spirit of God, the Bible changes lives completely.

This Crazy World

With news headlines including terrorism, citizen/police brutality, homosexual policies, reality TV star scandals, and transgender acceptance–we are a society that has drifted quickly away from any moral point of reference.

This is no new thing for mankind, however. In Matthew 11 the heart of our herd-like instinct is revealed. When John the Baptist shared his message, the people didn’t like it because it was too strict. But when Jesus came onto the scene the people hated His message because He was too accepting. Here is the reality, anything that challenges the way people live has often, if not always, been met with rejection.

With a society (as far as America goes) that seems to be slipping into a moral-ditching, sin-lusting trend it can make true followers of Christ feel like the odd man out. And we are! We are facing a society in which being “Christian” isn’t normal. If we are going to stand for what the truths of Scripture actually upholds, then we will face ridicule and persecution in a variety of forms.

So how do I talk with those I care for, about God and the Bible?

Talk it Through

It is our job as followers of Christ to:

  • Proclaim the Word of God
  • Stand for the Word of God
  • Live out the Word of God

“Our job is not to run from and isolate ourselves from our culture, as some do–it is our job to boldly face it, and like Jesus, be different with the goal of sharing true hope, that is, the Gospel.”

The women Jesus met at the well in Samaria had been living her life running to empty wells that would not fulfill. And Jesus led her to the well that is only found in a relationship with God.

Get to know the person so that you can help take them from their empty well, and lead them to what will last for all eternity.

Start a conversation that will point to God and the Bible:
What are their fears? (Does God have an answer?)
What misconceptions (false-views) do they have of God and the Bible? (Can you clarify from Biblical examples?)
How has God shown Himself evident in your own life? (Share it!)

If our authority is anything other than The Bible then our moral point of reference can be anywhere. Why is it important that we be strict followers of the Bible? Because the world demands it. Okay, so maybe not in an audible cry, but by the examples that have been portrayed just in the news the last few weeks, society is searching in so many empty wells and they will only find destruction. Unless, we take them to the well found in the pages of Scripture and introduce them to the Living Water, Christ!

“We can trust in the Word of God for not only the life we are living now but for the hope we have after death. It is our awesome responsibility to carry this message to the world around us…are you sharing this great work, The Bible?”