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Meaningless, Pt. 1

Sunday I started a 4-part series on the book of Ecclesiastes. We started by looking at Ecclesiastes 2:9-11. I would encourage each of you to take time and read through the book in its entirety each week. Here’s what we looked at this week:

What I want us to see is that even if we could have everything we have ever desired and then some, it would not be enough. At the end of the day we would feel empty, we would want more, and we would feel like something was missing. All the wealth, friends, and material articles in this world will leave us wanting more.

  1. There is enjoyment in life (9-10a)
  2. There is joy in working hard for something (10b)
  3. All is meaningless (11)

So what should we take away from this passage?

  1. Pleasure-seeking usually becomes a selfish endeavor. So remember, People are more important than things and thrills. We are to be channels, not reservoirs; the greatest joy comes when we share God’s pleasures with others.
  2. If you live for pleasure alone, enjoyment will decrease unless the intensity of the pleasure increases. So remember that when pleasure alone is the center of life, the result will ultimately be disappointment and emptiness.
  3. Pleasure alone can never bring satisfaction: it appeals to only part of the person and ignores the total being. True pleasure not only brings delight, but it also builds character by enriching the total person.

My goal in life: Love God and Serve Others

The book that portrays the pointlessness of everything really does have a point to make!

  1. Solomon had it all and yet felt empty, what are you trying to go after that is ultimately leaving you empty?
  2. In what way this week can you share or show Christ to someone?