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Island Life

Hello from Nosy Mitsio! The great thing about the Orner’s new boat is we have been able to be on their island much more! We have enjoyed some amazing food! It’s been helpful that Marcie and I enjoy rice! After days of waving and greeting many of the children in the village, they have finally started to wave back and some even verbally respond.

Today, we headed to another nearby village to collect some much needed treats after some hot days! While there we stopped by a headman’s field. He had us sit and eat some rice and milk before taking us through a look at his rice field. Steve then had a chance to pray with his family.

In a few days, if the weather holds, I will have better internet and will share as many pictures as I can. Until then, thank you for your prayers! Both Marcie and I are doing great!

For Him in Madagascar,

Josh and Marcie

We Have Arrived!

We have made it safely to Nosy Mitsio, Madagascar. I will post as often as we can.

Pictures are not uploading well on the island but as soon as I have better internet I’ll post a while bunch!

So far we have been participating in the normal chores of the village. Steve and I attended a funeral meal in another village yesterday (Sunday). It was an amazing experience! We were sat in a couple huts with the headmen of different villages and enjoyed sweet breads, amazing lemongrass tea and then lunch was beef that had just been butchered and cooked a few different ways. The beef and rice boiled in coconut milk was my favorite!

Marcie has been able to spend her time with Bekah and the kiddos, getting to know how this amazing family functions through each day. She has enjoyed some amazing firsts. She attempted to water ski and yesterday she snorkeled! She has been so adventurous!

We love seeing all that God is doing here. There is Spiritual darkness, but I sense God is opening hearts to His Gospel message!

Serving Him in Madagascar,

Josh and Marcie