Why do we love God?

Reading through the news the past few days has not been a pleasant experience. Before our eyes, we have watched men, women, and children gasp for air as poison shut down their bodies. We have witnessed the aftermath of suicide bombings carried out by ISIS on men, women, and children during the beginning of the Holy Week in Egypt. ISIS stated, “Christians are our favorite prey.” With so much pain, suffering, and death unfolding in front of us the weight of humanity’s depravity is often too overwhelming to comprehend. Our world is broken.

Why do we love God?

How has your week been? Has your boss been treating you with unsurpassed respect, have your children been angels sent from heaven, have the relationships you are in gone unhindered by jealousy, hurt feelings, and bitterness? These statements are probably far from the truth for you and me.

Why do we love God?

This morning I read Psalm 116, and with the news cycle and my personal life in mind, I was met with a few thoughts that I would like to share with you.

Psalm 116, “I love the Lord because…”

  • Even in the midst of turmoil, God is still gracious and merciful
  • God has saved us, this is the bountiful gift He offers to us, “You have delivered my soul from death”
  • For the Christian, even in death, God is glorified

The response to these truths from the Psalmist, which should inform our response, is that I will give myself and all I have to Him and for the purpose of sharing with the world, who God is and that He has a rescue plan for humanity.

Any Gospel that tells you that life will get easier if you choose Christ is a false one. Christianity is not the guarantee of personal, economic, political, or social prosperity nor will it give unprecedented protection from the evils of this world. At least not while we are all here experiencing this sin-torn world. Victory is not ultimate until Christ comes again to set all things right.

So, why do I love God?

I love God because He saved me from a life without hope and meaning. He snatched up the fear of death because He defeated death and promises life after, that does not have to be feared. For those of us who have faith in Christ, we can live in the freedom of the Gospel. His plan is amazing, and it is the answer to the pain and suffering our world is facing. All is not lost. Evil will not win.

Why do you love God?

How will you respond?

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